RODICAS wins the FIRST PRIZE at Siciliambiente Festival. We are very happy!

«For the beauty of the two protagonists and for the respect shown in directing such young over-80-year-old women, whose strength we’d all love to have. For the cinematographic narration that outlines two very intense lives and for the delicacy with which important topics such as death, sorrow and joy are tackled. A debut film of great sensibility

trapani per il futuro

“(…) provides the most intense, moving moment of the festival. Rodicas is a film that warms the heart, it’s the best film (…) of the competition.” to the full article (in Italian)

karin nungeßer

“Consequently she avoids instrumentalizing the two protagonists like witnesses of different time periods. Instead she takes them seriously in their present.”   to the full article (german)

“Rodicas is an injection of reality. The outtakes of everyday life (…) paint a portrait of two interesting lives. (…) It is something I wish we saw more often.” to the full article (in English)


“(…) reminiscent in its approach to the classic Grey Gardens (…) highly personal and bittersweet.” to the full article / interview (in English)

deutsche in melbourne

“The two old women (…) enthall the audience with their humour, energy, controversial discussions (…)” to the full article / interview (in German)

irina-margareta nistor, romania

“One feels easily close to both of them, seeing Sydney and their world through their eyes, with subtle irony. The audience at the Berlinale was thrilled. People were honestly moved by the funny and the sad moments.”   to the full article in Romanian

missy magazine

“A film with an echo, an ode to the joy of living.”    to the full article (in German)


“A charming, warm-hearted, humorous film.”    to the full article